Cap. II: Surprise party

One year after the tragedy, Cassie’s mother got engaged to one Trevor Hills, the therapist that helped the remaining Dents go through that calamity without going insane.
They were getting along very well, and even if Cassie didn’t think he could possibly think of him as her father, he started to grow on her.
The first signs of psionic abilities appeared by the time she was sixteen, more specific, on her sixteenth birthday. In the midst of the party, when she was in the kitchen getting a glass of soda, she accidentally knocked over a vase. Cassie tried desperately to reach to it and prevent it from falling, but instead of falling on the ground and shattering, it started levitating about 10 centimeters above the ground. Cassie was startled by the sight and as soon as she lost her focus, the vase was done for. Returning to the rest of her guests, she was sure that it was just because the adrenaline that made her feel like the time slowed down until she could see the vase in mid air and nothing more. She wasn’t going to give it another thought. But when she returned to the guest room where everyone else was, she was struck by a dreadful headache, and she felt like everyone was talking at the same time but there were twice as many persons in the room. She cried out to them to shut up. Everyone stopped talking and started looking at her; they all knew something wasn’t right… Cassie looked at each and every one of them and burst out crying. Their lips weren’t moving and yet she was hearing so many words, so many voices! She felt that she couldn’t take it anymore and she passed out cold.
Half a day later, she woke up in her bed. She hoped that it was all just a weird dream. A nightmare at that. She felt really thirsty so she went to the kitchen to get a glass of water. Her mother was cleaning up after the party. She noticed that Cass was awake, and told her that they needed to talk.
-”Mom, I’m scared…” “Why?” “I speak to two of you!” “What do you mean?” “Mom! You have two voices! What is going on??!” “I don’t know, honey, but everything will be fine…” “No it won’t be, you just said that you feared this day… well… your second voice said it”- Lara convinces herself of Cassie’s psionic abilities
Later that night, Cassie could hear her mother crying and occasionally saying “They will take her from me now…”.
Cassie got so scared by that that, unconsciously, she made all the lightbulbs in her room explode and she passed out again till morning, when she, her mother, and Dr. Hills were woken up by three unexpected sharp thuds on the front door. Her mother told her to hide under the bed and not to make a sound. She was desperate, and wasn’t even considering giving up her child. Another three thuds on the door. Next thing they knew, the door was hurled across the room, something came flying in. A blinding light; a deafening sound; then nothing…

Cap. I : Childhood

-”Do you know why you’re here?” “I’m one of the best Ghosts there are… I suppose you have a job for me?”
“Clever girl…”- Arcturus Mengsk’s first words with Cassandra Dent

Cassandra Dent is the daughter of Lara Dent and Damian Dent, a couple of refugees. They originate from Mar Sara, and had to leave their planet when the Zerg Invasion struck the Terran world.
Them being forced to leave behind their homes was a horrible thing… They had to leave behind their ranch, their memories, their past. The illusion of safety that was being fed by the Dominion was shattered that day.
However, the change of scenery didn’t bring the Dents down: they thought to themselves that they still have each other… but that was about to change. As they were escorted to the Hercules rescue ships they were briefed that Damian was to be taken aboard a different shuttle than Cassie and Lara, because the men had to embark on a special shuttle with more engine power, since they were heavier than women and children, but they were going to find each other again once they arrived on Korhal. They thought it made sense; after all, why would they lie to them?
The flight from Mar Sara took about three weeks. Once arrived, the refugees were registered as citizens of Korhal and allocated to their new addresses. The Dents’ new home was near the centre of Korhal: you could see The Emperor’s Palace from the balcony.
The men that showed them to their new house told them that Mr. Damian Dent was going to arrive in two days due to a technical problem but that everything was going to be fine and that they were back on route.
Two weeks have passed and yet no word of Damian’s and the others’ arrival. Cassie and her mother were worried sick until one day their worries turned to horror: The UNN broadcasted a special in the memory of the Mar Sara Volunteer Marine Squadron ( allegedly volunteer… ) in which a list of their names was displayed; Damian’s was the fourth name.
Lara burst into tears, while Cassie remained silent, still in shock. She couldn’t believe what she’d just seen…

-”The warm welcome… The money… The perfect homes… I knew something wasn’t right… The bill always comes due… They promised us a better future while they were sending our loved ones to the slaughter!”- Lara Dent grieving for her husband, Damian Dent