Cap. I : Childhood

-”Do you know why you’re here?” “I’m one of the best Ghosts there are… I suppose you have a job for me?”
“Clever girl…”- Arcturus Mengsk’s first words with Cassandra Dent

Cassandra Dent is the daughter of Lara Dent and Damian Dent, a couple of refugees. They originate from Mar Sara, and had to leave their planet when the Zerg Invasion struck the Terran world.
Them being forced to leave behind their homes was a horrible thing… They had to leave behind their ranch, their memories, their past. The illusion of safety that was being fed by the Dominion was shattered that day.
However, the change of scenery didn’t bring the Dents down: they thought to themselves that they still have each other… but that was about to change. As they were escorted to the Hercules rescue ships they were briefed that Damian was to be taken aboard a different shuttle than Cassie and Lara, because the men had to embark on a special shuttle with more engine power, since they were heavier than women and children, but they were going to find each other again once they arrived on Korhal. They thought it made sense; after all, why would they lie to them?
The flight from Mar Sara took about three weeks. Once arrived, the refugees were registered as citizens of Korhal and allocated to their new addresses. The Dents’ new home was near the centre of Korhal: you could see The Emperor’s Palace from the balcony.
The men that showed them to their new house told them that Mr. Damian Dent was going to arrive in two days due to a technical problem but that everything was going to be fine and that they were back on route.
Two weeks have passed and yet no word of Damian’s and the others’ arrival. Cassie and her mother were worried sick until one day their worries turned to horror: The UNN broadcasted a special in the memory of the Mar Sara Volunteer Marine Squadron ( allegedly volunteer… ) in which a list of their names was displayed; Damian’s was the fourth name.
Lara burst into tears, while Cassie remained silent, still in shock. She couldn’t believe what she’d just seen…

-”The warm welcome… The money… The perfect homes… I knew something wasn’t right… The bill always comes due… They promised us a better future while they were sending our loved ones to the slaughter!”- Lara Dent grieving for her husband, Damian Dent